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Our hosting is specifically designed for gamers.

High Performance

Expect only the best and the fastest when purchasing a service from us. We ensure our servers are running the best they can perform.

99.99% Server Uptime

We aim to be the most reliable provider with 99.99% uptime, if something goes wrong, expect us to know about it!

Powerful Network

With fast download and upload speeds, and powerful DDoS protection you can't go wrong. We'll make sure our network remains online!

Server Monitoring

Monitoring your server has never been easier through our interactive control panels, you can see live how your server is performing.

Worldwide Network

We have deployed servers in locations all over the world. Rest assured latency will not be an issue with your server!

Secure Service

Defense is one of our main priorities, our team operates around the clock to ensure your service isn't attacked successfully.

Efficient Maintenance

If something goes wrong, we will fix it and provide you updates along the way with an estimate of how long till we're done.


We have many more amazing features.

If you're not satisfied with your service within 48 hours of purchasing, we promise to refund you the full amount.

Our helpful team work around the clock to make sure your services remain online and fully functional, we're here if something goes wrong.

If we combine all of our teams knowledge, it adds up to over 30 years experience. Rest assured if you face an issue, we will find a solution.

Server Locations


We're looking to partner with businesses, social media influencer's, streamers, and communities.


Deploy a powerful game server.

Our systems and software have been specifically designed for gaming, let us deal with the nitty gritty details while you game on!


"Customers are always right"


If you have a question, we've got the answer!

What Are the Specs of the Game Servers?

Game servers run on a machine with a AMD Ryzen 7 3800X, 128 DDR4 memory, 2x1TB NVMe SSD, and Ubuntu 18.04 operating system.

What Control Panel Do You Offer for Game Servers?

Our panel is based on Pterodactyl, Iceline Game Panel now contains many custom features. Click here for a preview!

How Long Does Setup Take?

Once payment is received, your game server will be setup instantly and you'll be sent an email to setup your account.

What Locations Do You Offer for Game Servers?

We offer many world-wide locations which includes: United Kingdom, France, Germany, USA, and Singapore.

What Are The Specs Of The VPS Servers?

It depends whether you choose our classic or game VPS plans, specs can be found on their individual pages.

What Control Panel Do You Offer For VPS Servers?

We utilize Virtualizor for our VPS Hosting, you'll also be able to manage your VPS in the billing area.

Can I upgrade my VPS hosting plan?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan at any time in your client area.

What Locations Do You Offer for VPS Hosting?

We offer many world-wide locations which includes: United Kingdom, France, Germany, USA, and Singapore.

What Are The Specs Of The Dedicated Servers?

It depends which server plan you choose, specs can be found on their individual pages.

Can I Upgrade My Dedicated Server?

No, you will need to purchase a new dedicated server with the specs you want.

What Locations Do You Offer for Dedicated Severs?

We currently only offer United Kingdom and United States as a location for dedicated servers.

Do You Provide a Website Builder?

Yes, through the cPanel control panel we have a built in website builder allowing you to design and create your dream website with little effort or experience.

What Control Panel Do You Offer For Web Hosting?

We utilize cPanel control panel allowing you to have full control of your website, and you manage every aspect. The control panel is available for no extra cost and is accessible through the billing area.

Do I Need a Domain for Web Hosting?

While it's recommended you use your own domain with web hosting, we do offer subdomains which you can use for your website which you can configure in the checkout stage.