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Nikon D5 Review

Nikon D5

Nikon D5 Review

Photography has become very common these days, everyone with a camera claims themselves as a photographer. Back in the days, it was not the same, a very few with passion had cameras and took photographs which were excellent. I am not discouraging the new budding photographers but just trying to differentiate real art from the fancy ones. So if you are passionate about cameras and taking pictures and looking for some good quality cameras, then the Nikon D5 has some amazing features which may help you take excellent photographs. The Nikon D5 is a brilliant camera which has a good autofocus. The Nikon D5 has excellent image quality and high ICO performance with continuous and fast shooting speed.

Nikon D5

The following are the things discussed in the article:

  • Lens Compatibility.
  • Specifications.
  • Performance.
  • Usage and recommendations.

Lens Compatibility:

The Nikon D5 has a built in AF motor and an aperture feeler for manually focusing the lenses. The AI of the lens is updated way back until the year 1959, and you can fit in any lens which was made since the year 1977. The lateral color fringes, lens distortion, and corner fall off light gets automatically corrected. The camera does not work with the Pronea (IX-NIKKOR), and also the not AI lenses do not fit properly.

The lens has about nine selectable focus points, and the electronic range finder works with a lens which is as slow as f/5.6.


The Nikon D5 has some excellent specifications.

Frame rates: The continuous high frame rates have 12 FPS with full AF and AE, the camera can go up to 14 FPS when it is mirror locked, and no metering or focusing is done. The continuous low frame rates are selectable from 1 to 10 FPS, and finally, the quiet constant has about 3 FPS. The Nikon D5 has about 200 raw frame buffer.

Autofocus: The Nikon D5 has about 56 selectable points in these 55 points, about 35 are cross type sensors and the remaining nine work at f/8. It has a multi CAM 20k AF sensor module.


If you want to capture any fast moving objects, then the Nikon D5 is the best camera for capturing any fast moving object. For sports photography, action photo and for bird photography, nothing can ever replace the clarity and frame rates which the Nikon D5 provides. The AF has an excellent performance and matches the speed of the frame rates. It is brilliant how the Nikon D5 automatically identify the subject of your photo and locks it in the frame, the camera also keeps track of the object and proceeds to follow it if it moves.

Usage and recommendations:

The battery is fully empty when you first buy the camera; you need to the full charge it at first. The Nikon has an excellent battery which gives you a good battery life. You also have a wireless controller, and Nikon calls their wireless controller as the Advanced wireless lighting which works optically or by a radio

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