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Best DSLR Cameras for Wildlife Photography

Cameras for Wildlife Photography

Best DSLR Cameras for Wildlife Photography

Capturing the wild life requires real patience and talent. You need to wait in patience to capture the perfect shot. To capture animals in their natural habitat, you need a camera with a good and fast auto focus. You also need a camera which has a great long telephoto lens and to capture animals in the night and low light you will need a low light performance and durable camera with a high-performance battery which is apt for the wildlife environment. Just like the sports photography, you will need a camera to capture fast moving objects and to capture animals you will need a camera which is accurate, rapid and high in performance.

Cameras for Wildlife Photography

DSLR cameras have proved time and again that they are the best for taking wildlife photographs. Even with the mirrorless cameras slowly emerging the market, The DSLRs still show its efficiency when it comes to the wildlife photography. While taking pictures of an animal in the wild life you need to capture it without disturbing the subject or scaring it away and to do it you need to stay from a far distance. If you have to stay at a long distance, then you will need a telephoto to bring the subject close to you.

The following are some of the best DSLRs cameras for Wildlife Photographs:

  • Canon EOS-1D X Mark II.
  • Nikon D5.
  • Pentax K-1.
  • Nikon D500.

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II:

The Canon EOS-1D X Mark II is one of the fastest DSLR cameras available in the market. One of the most important factors in choosing a camera for wildlife photography is that the camera must have a fast autofocus. When you use an optical finder, the camera has about 14fps, and in shooting life, you get about 16fpd. The AF system in the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II is also brilliant; it has about 61 AF points of which 41 are a cross type, and all 41 are compatible with f/8 apertures.

Nikon D5:

The Nikon D5 has excellent image quality and high ICO performance with continuous and fast shooting speed. The constant high frame rates have 12 FPS with full AF and AE, the camera can go up to 14 FPS when it is mirror locked, and no metering or focusing is done. The Nikon D5 has about 56 selectable points in these 55 points, about 35 are cross type sensors and the remaining nine work at f/8. It has a multi CAM 20k AF sensor module.

Pentax K-1:

The Pentax K-1 has about 87 weather sealing components. The     APS-C Crop mode allows you to choose a wider selection of the lens of the Pentax; this enhances the telephoto reach, and you can capture animals and birds which are at a longer distance. The APS-C Crop feature also boosts the frame rate from 4.4fps to 6.5fps.

Nikon 500:

The Nikon 500 is similar to Nikon D5, but it has an EXPEED 5 Processor and has about 10fps frame rates. The camera has a great ISO range and provides up to 1,640,000.

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