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Ken Russell’s stunning photos of London’s Teddy Girls first appeared in the Picture Post of June 1955. More recently they have wowed gallery-goers at the Spitz in East London (near where much of the original shoot took place), and at the V!P’s gallery in Rotterdam. From 13-16th October 2006, the exhibition will be featured at the world famous Hemsby Rock ‘n’ Roll Weekender


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Martin Heaphy

Russell took photos around the area where he was living in West London. These shots feature the younger Teddy Girls on show in the exhibition. At the time, Ken was with an agency called Pictorial Press. They liked his Teddy Girl portfolio, and sold them to Picture Post magazine. They were published in the June 4th, 1955 issue.

The Exhibition

We named the exhibition, ‘Bombsite Boudiccas’, as a nod to a quote from a prosecuting magistrate during the Mods and Rockers confrontations of the 1960s. He called the young men he was sentencing, ‘Sawdust Caesars’. The title is particularly appropriate as the Ancient Briton queen, Boudicca, fought the Romans in what is now Essex and East London.

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